The following is a list of news articles and interviews featuring my research:

From feminine resilience to feminine leadership. By Noémie Dreux. December 2020. The Bogotá Post.

Gender wars: the emotional strain of researching sexual violence during conflicts. By Matthew Reisz. January 2020. Times Higher Education:

Forskning: Kvinnor tystas inte av sexuellt våld (Research: Women are not silenced by sexual violence). By Liisa Mendelin. June 2019. Sändaren:

Interview – Anne-Kathrin Kreft. By Sana Salman. November 2019. E-International Relations:

Autocrats’ push for women in government: Window dressing, or real change? By Ryan Lenora Brown. Christian Science Monitor. February 2019:

FRED: Nytt hopp för Colombia (PEACE: New hope for Colombia). By Henrik Höjer. December 2016. Forskning och Framsteg: