Media & Outreach

Media appearances

The following is a list of news articles and interviews featuring my research:

From feminine resilience to feminine leadership. By Noémie Dreux. December 2020. The Bogotá Post.

Gender wars: the emotional strain of researching sexual violence during conflicts. By Matthew Reisz. January 2020. Times Higher Education:

Forskning: Kvinnor tystas inte av sexuellt våld (Research: Women are not silenced by sexual violence). By Liisa Mendelin. June 2019. Sändaren:

Interview – Anne-Kathrin Kreft. By Sana Salman. November 2019. E-International Relations:

Autocrats’ push for women in government: Window dressing, or real change? By Ryan Lenora Brown. Christian Science Monitor. February 2019:

FRED: Nytt hopp för Colombia (PEACE: New hope for Colombia). By Henrik Höjer. December 2016. Forskning och Framsteg:

Blog posts, policy papers etc.

“Beyond Passive Victims and Agentic Survivors: Responses to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence” (with Philipp Schulz). April 2021. e-International Relations.

“How Does Civil Society Understand Conflict-Related Sexual Violence? Perspectives from women activists in Colombia.” GPS Policy Brief 03/2019. December 2019. PRIO Centre on Gender, Peace and Security.
Versión española: ¿Cómo comprende la sociedad civil la violencia sexual relacionada con los conflictos?

“Gender and Peacekeeping: Progress and Challenges.” July 2019. Oxford Research Group.
The research group is now defunct, a PDF of the blog post is available here

“The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize is a tribute to activists against sexual violence in conflict.” December 2018. Political Violence @ a Glance.

“Fighting sexual violence in war: Context matters.” December 2018. US Army War College War Room.

“Sometimes autocrats strengthen their power by expanding women’s rights. Here’s how that works” (with Daniela Donno). November 2018. Washington Post: The Monkey Cage.

Invited and public talks

“Frauen in Kriegssituationen: Reaktionen auf sexuelle Konfliktgewalt” (Women in Conflict Settings: Reactions to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence)”, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, June 2021

“Sexuelle Gewalt in bewaffneten Konflikten” (Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict), Technische Universität Dresden, April 2021

“Reflexives Forschen und Lernen: Feministische Methoden und Wissensproduktion” (Reflexive Research and Learning: Feminist Methods and Knowledge Production), University of Bremen, May 2020

“Fieldwork and Interviewing: Research on Sensitive Issues”, Tulane University, April 2020

“Sexual Violence, Gender and Public Support for Intervention in Armed Conflict”, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, November 2019

“The Fetishization of Sexual Violence in Conflict? Tackling Victimization and Agency”, Public event on Gender, Diplomacy and Peace, University of Gothenburg, February 2019

“Domestic and International Responses to Wartime Sexual Violence: Cross-National Statistical Analyses and Case Study Evidence from Colombia”, Research Network on Gender, Peace and Security meeting, Oslo, September 2017