April 29, 2022

My article “‘This patriarchal, machismo and unequal culture of ours’: Obstacles to confronting conflict-related sexual violence” has been accepted for publication in Social Politics. In this article, I draw on interviews I carried out with civil society activists (and bureaucrats and government representatives) in Colombia in 2018 to illustrate how patriarchal structures, norms and practices shape social and institutional responses to conflict-related sexual violence and its victims.

April 25, 2022

Two new publications!

“Self-Care for Gender-Based Violence Researchers – Moving Beyond Bubble-Baths and Chocolate Pralines” (with Philipp Schulz, Sarah Martin and Heleen Touquet) in Qualitative Research:

We discuss the limitations of individualizing self-care approaches for researchers working on difficult issues like gender-based violence. Instead, we share our experiences with communal approaches to care, including peer support, networks and collaborations. Available open access!

“Do gender patterns in diplomacy disappear over time?” (with Ann Towns and Birgitta Niklasson) in European Journal of Politics and Gender:

We examine ambassador appointments made by Denmark, Sweden, the UK and the U.S. from 1970 until 2015 to identify any patterns in where men and women tend to be placed. We do find gendered patterns in appointments, with male ambassadors more likely to be posted to economically important states and to states affected by inter-state conflict. Contrary to what one might expect, these trends do not markedly diminish over time. Soon available open access!

March 23, 2022

Two pieces of good news: 1) the article “Political Agency, Victimhood and Gender in Contexts of Armed Conflict: Moving beyond Dichotomies,” co-authored with Philipp Schulz has been accepted for publication in International Studies Quarterly; and 2) the article “Accountability for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence” – also co-authored with Philipp Schulz – has been included as a resource on the website of the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

March 22, 2022

I presented and discussed my research at the AFK conference in Konstanz, at swisspeace in Basel and in a graduate seminar at the University of Basel. Beautiful places to visit and very interesting exchanges with colleagues!

March 8, 2022

For International Women’s Day, E-International Relations asked me where I see the most exciting debates on gender in IR and what hopes I have for the future of the discipline. You can read my response here, alongside those of other amazing scholars:

March 4, 2022

The article “Do gender patterns in diplomacy disappear over time?”, co-authored with Birgitta Niklasson and Ann Towns has been accepted for publication in the European Journal of Politics and Gender. We take a look at gendered patterns in where ambassadors from the U.S., the UK, Sweden and Denmark are posted and whether these patterns diminish over time

March 2, 2022

I presented the paper “Imperfect Victims? Civilian Men, Vulnerability and Policy Preferences,” co-authored with Mattias Agerberg at the Violence, Instability and Peace seminar at NTNU in Trondheim. In the paper, we use vignette experiments to examine how U.S. respondents perceive male civilians’ vulnerability and victimization in war, compared to women civilians, and how anti-male biases affect policy preferences relating to refugee acceptance and aid provision.